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An ode the the banner ad.

The early career of every art director or designer in the advertising world is undoubtedly filled with producing thousands of banner ads to go out and pollute the internet for a short amount of time. Largely unseen, certainly unappreciated, and around a tenth of a percent chance they are clicked on. Never the less, they are a measurable and cheap way to plaster the world with deals, promotions, and most importantly, your brand.   

In an effort not to bore with any single banner ad staying on screen for far longer than it was designed to be seen, I have compiled a few that somehow escaped deep archiving, into this gif. Various brands, at every which size. Mostly appreciated for their adherence to brand guidelines, the ability to fit far too much copy and enlarge the logo, layout reformatting, and pure production mechanical flow.



mc sticker.png


Designer | Art Director

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